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Intake & Discharge Louvres

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Internal louvres – strong, durable and attractive

At FNW we supply two key types of internal air intake louvres. The Type ILI utilises a single set of horizontal fixed louvres arranged at a 45 o inclination, with 40mm centres. When placed below eye level, the louvres on this particular model become sight proof.

With a similar construction Type ILP uses fixed louvres with the same 40mm centres but the louvres are arranged on a parallel plane.

Manufactured in the UK, our internal louvres combine the strength of steel with the durability of plastic.

Size applications

As the louvres and centres of the internal air intake louvres are more generously proportioned than a normal return air grille, they tend to be more attractive when a larger sized vent is required.

High ‘free area’

Both types of louvre offer a relatively high ‘free area’ making them ideal for applications that require large volumes of air to be extracted such as intakes to air handling units.

Benefits of FNW direct mounted grilles:

  • Corrosion protection – louvres are manufactured using zinc coated steel and feature a welded construction, with polyester powder coating as standard (a self-coloured plastic extruded flange facing is fitted over the steel flange to become a fixed part of the casting)
  • Enhanced corrosion protection – grilles can also be manufactured in stainless steel with a natural dull polished finish or standard polyester powder coating (if fitted, the moving parts of a damper unit can also be manufactured in stainless steel)
  • Range of sizes – produced in standard sizes of 50mm increments from 300 x 300mm up to 1200 x 1200mm inclusive
  • Bespoke products available – intermediate sizes of any length and width can be manufactured
  • Variety of colours available – black, white, cream and grey
  • Volume control dampers – can be fitted behind each grille if required

External louvres – strong durable and robust

At FNW we offer two models of external louvres; the ELS and the ELL. Both are robustly manufactured from galvanised steel sheet and the individual parts polyester powder coated to ensure long life in normal atmospheric conditions.

Each style of external louvre is designed to minimise the ingress of rainwater with a single set of horizontal fixed louvres inclined at 45 o.

A galvanised wire bird screen is also fitted as standard directly behind the louvres.

Manufactured in the UK, our external louvres combine the strength of steel with the durability of plastic.

Standard sizes

The ELS is produced in standard sizes of 50mm increments from 150 x 150mm to 2000 x 2000mm inclusive.

The ELL is produced in standard sizes of 75mm increments from 225 x 225mm to 2000 x 2000mm inclusive.

External louvres are also available in sizes greater than 2000mm but are supplied in sections that butt joint when fitted.

Both louvres can be supplied bespoke in any intermediate size with regard to length and height.

The standard 25mm flange width can be increased to 50mm or 75 mm if required.

Variety of colours

We can provide external louvres in a range of colours including; black, white, Goosewing Grey and Vandyke Brown.

All external louvres can be finished to a particular BS or RAL specification.

Both types of louvres can also be manufactured in stainless steel.

If you’d like to know more about FNW Engineering and our range of British made grilles and air diffusion products then call 01484 861233 or complete our online contact form.

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ALL Air diffusion products supplied by FNW are manufactured at our West Yorkshire premises by our skilled staff and engineers.

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