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Air Return Grilles


Type RIL

Type RIL plastic faced - steel Air Return Grilles consist of a single set of horizontally fixed louvres arranged with an inclination of 45 degrees at 25mm centres. If placed below eye level the grille becomes sight proof.

Type RPL

Type RLL is similar, using the same section of louvre at 25mm centres, but with the louvres arranged on a parallel plane.

Both types of grille utilising a spot welded casing in zinc coated steel, over which self-coloured plastic extruded sections are assembled.

Both are produced in standard sizes of 50mm size increments from 100x100 upto and including 1200x600 but can be produced in any intermediate size bothon lengthand height. Mullions being provided to limit the maximum span of louvres to 600m. When specifying a grille size the length dimension must be stated first, i.e. Length x Height, thereby ensuring the louvres will be horizontal when the grille is fitted.

Type RLL

Type RLL is a linear grille consisting of a single set of horizontally fixed louvres at an inclination of 45 degrees at 25mm centres as standard, but it is possible to either increase or decrease the centre distance, or the louvre inclination, either for aesthetic or to increase the 'free area of the grille.

Type PLL

Type PLL is a similar using the same sectionof loouvre but arranged in a parallel plane, again the standard 25mm centre distance can be varied to suitcustomer requirements.

Both types of grille being manufactured in zinc coatded steel of welded construction and polyester powder coated, self coloured plastic extruded flange facing being assembled over the steel flange to becomea fixed part of casing.

Standard Colours

White, Grey, Cream, Black


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ALL Air diffusion products supplied by FNW are manufactured at our West Yorkshire premises by our skilled staff and engineers.

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